A law firm built on principle.

More than 80 years in private civil practice gives us the knowledge, experience, and expertise to serve your needs. Our firm was built on strong principles, and our work is guided by a set of core values. Our clients are the most important part of our practice. We want to give them the best possible service. Overall, the team of professionals at Bonner Crandall Beckett will provide excellence in every aspect of your case.

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We have broad experience.  We work hard always to carefully understand your situation.  We can help you find a solution.


I have had the pleasure of working with Brad for many years now. He is a man of integrity with tremendous problem solving skills and work ethic. He is very intelligent and has always exhibited a broad knowledge of the issues while offering an elegant solution to the situation. His solutions are well thought through and reasonable from a cost perspective. He knows how to be firm without jeopardizing the deal. I always feel like my interests are paramount with Brad and frankly wouldn’t make a move without his input.

Todd A. Domenico, Jackson, Wyoming

I have been a client of Brad’s since 2007. He has taken on several cases for me. Even when I had given up on the legal system, Brad never stopped working for what he knew was right. He is the kind of person you want in your corner. He continues to stay positive, and keeps his clients in the loop. I will always have faith in whatever Brad tells me he is going to do for me — he has NEVER steered me wrong.

Valerie Cross, Powell, Wyoming

As an attorney, Brad combines his true gentlemanly demeanor with the tenacity of a pit bull. He represented three of my business associates and me, and we got the exact settlement we wanted! Anyone Brad represents comes out of the situation impressed with his crackerjack skills. He knows how to speak softly and get the job done!

Kaye Reed, Casper, Wyoming

Brad was instrumental in successfully bringing together four separate business entities from different regions in the US to form our new company in 2000. Since then, he has always been there to help us with day-to-day legal issues and the inevitable legal conflicts with competitors, customers and suppliers. Utilizing Brad’s skills and knowledge, we have been able to focus on our business and operations knowing we can rely on him to take care of our legal issues. Now, getting him to go fishing with us — that’s another issue altogether.

Dave McWilliams, Nampa, Idaho

The financial industry requires working hand in hand with the legal profession on a regular basis. Over the course of my career, I’ve dealt with law firms ranging from some of the top big-city firms in the world to one-attorney firms in small towns. I rank Brad as one of the top attorneys I’ve worked with.

Ty Nelson, Cody, Wyoming

Nick is my go-to guy. Not only does he represent me, but he represents the ethics I strive to embrace.  In reality, he keeps me between the lines.  His thoroughness and ability to adapt to any situation while bringing clarity and innovation to his profession is beyond astonishing.  If you’re looking for an attorney who is going to put you as the client first, Nick Crandall in your guy.

Jake Ivanoff, Cody, Wyoming

I have worked with Nick Crandall over the past several years on numerous clients and it has been an absolute pleasure.  In my opinion he is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and timely with both his communication and projects.   When I discover Nick Crandall is representing my clients I can be assured they are being treated well, getting quality thorough advice, and are well taken care of in regard to their legal needs and requirements.

Tim Poley, Cody, Wyoming

My husband and I worked with Bonner Law Firm this summer as we bought our first home directly from an owner. Since this was our first time buying a home, the for-sale-by-owner process was a little intimidating and we were nervous about missing something along the way. Nick walked us through the entire process step by step, welcoming every question we had, and giving us an overview of everything that would happen. Having him by our side really made us feel like we had someone advocating for us and supporting us the entire way, while also explaining the options we had available to us to keep this process within our budget. Nick really made the process of a private sale so much easier than we imagined, and we would highly recommend working with Bonner Law Firm to our friends and family.

Rebecca & Trent Blanksma, Cody, Wyoming