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Brad Bonner of Bonner Crandall Beckett in Cody Wyoming

How do we uphold our values?

We Start By Listening2018-07-05T21:52:14-06:00
We know our clients or we get to know them. We listen carefully to their concerns. We work hard to understand what they want and what they need. We do not try to impose our will on their issues. Instead, we impose their will on the issues at hand to solve their problems.
By Caring2022-10-06T21:45:29-06:00
People don’t want to hire a lawyer who doesn’t care about them or their case — a lawyer who seems like he’s just going through the motions. You won’t find that at Bonner Crandall Beckett. Our relationships with our clients run deep precisely because we care — and care deeply.
By Working Harder2018-07-05T21:51:42-06:00
We will be there first. And we will be there last. Whatever it takes. Because we know hard work and preparation lead to success. Simple as that.
By Working Smarter2022-10-06T21:45:57-06:00
Efficiency is a hallmark at Bonner Crandall Beckett. If there’s a way to do it quicker, simpler and less expensively — without risking quality — we will find it and do it.
By Applying Cutting-Edge Technology2018-07-05T21:51:20-06:00
Technology today allows small firms to do extraordinary things. The meeting or hearing may be in Denver or New York, but often we can attend via videoconference from right here in Cody. That saves us time and our clients money. We aren’t “techno-geeks;” we simply know that the best technology allows us to perform better and provide a better service.
By Being Trustworthy2018-07-05T21:50:03-06:00
We do what we say we are going to do. Or, said another way, we won’t paint you a rosy picture if it isn’t true. Trust isn’t handed over — it is earned. We understand the importance of trust.
By Handling Complex Matters2018-07-05T21:49:37-06:00
We do not shy away from the most difficult of challenges. Instead, we embrace them. We have the team of professionals with the skill, intelligence, insight and experience to solve truly complex problems.
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